Special Thanks

"I could not have made this CD without help from such amazing, wonderful, and warm people. Two incredibly talented musicians, Wally Pilcher and Becky Bradley, were a motivating force on Breath of Heaven. It was a treat to have Phil and Pat Schappert create a genuine Celtic arrangement to Down By The Sally Gardens. Meg Houghton provided many long hours of creativity, amazing skill, and dedication. It was awesome teaming up with Jenny Houghton on Pie Jesu and The Flower Duet. Martha Mortensen Dudgeon and Steve Kostelniks contributions were superb. I am in awe of Rick Connell, Casper Rawls, and Terry Hale. Terry gave me incredible encouragement to stay with it and not give up. I thank Redd Volkaert for being a mentor and contributing to my growth as a new artist. Erik Hokkanen is a fantastic fiddler and I loved working with him in the studio. Larry Telford is so cool, and I totally appreciate his vast patience and expertise. Most of all, my thanks goes to mom."

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